Installation of structured cable networks

"MST" LLC operates in the sale and installation of cable infrastructure. We offer you the following services within the framework of our projects.

  • Structural Cabling and Termination Equipment.
  • Computer networks (LAN).
  • Cabling works on security systems.
  • Copper cabling solutions.
  • Fiber optic cabling works.
  • Energy management systems, etc.

Installation and design works are carried out by our qualified employees with many years of experience in the field of electrical network systems. As a result of the experience of our team, we fully guarantee the quality of the work we do.

Design and installation of LAN/SCS.

Our company's specialists install computer networks (LAN), video surveillance networks, emergency announcement systems, security alarms and telephone cable networks within the framework of providing buildings and structures with cable networks. The installation of a telephone network consists not only of a classic network, but also of IP telephony and office mini PBXs. During these works, we use the equipment of leading manufacturers.

Design and installation of optical-fiber communication networks.

During the organization of cable network systems of building complexes, Factories, commercial institutions, etc., our company's specialists design and install fiber-optic-based structured cable networks. When installing fiber-optic networks, we mainly pay attention to the protective devices of the cables, the maximum bending radius and the tensile strength. Having all the necessary equipment for welding and testing fiber optic networks, as well as many years of experience, allows us to deliver projects with maximum quality and in the shortest possible time.