Mass announcement systems

Emergency announcement systems

In the 21st century, it is impossible to imagine airports, railway and bus stations, banks, sports complexes, factories and factories, supermarkets, state enterprises, etc., without a public address system. warning sound systems are more actively used in the field of security systems.

According to the "Regulation on Fire Protection of Buildings", emergency notification systems are installed in all hotels with a capacity of 200 beds, buildings with a construction area of more than 5000 m2 or buildings with a number of users of more than 1000 and a height of more than 51.5 m. should be used in all buildings above.

Built-in systems can be integrated and pre-programmed with systems such as fire detection and alarm, flight information systems used in airports, automatic announcements and information messages.

The purpose of sound systems is not only to provide music broadcasts and announcements, but also to ensure that the broadcast is intelligible, safe and continuous.

In the systems we build, we offer you the advantages of having a wide product portfolio, from a simple analog system to multifunctional digital systems, while meeting all international safety standards.

We design and install public address systems according to your needs:

  • We prepare your project-based system design.
  • From a variety of speaker options, we select and quantify the ones that best suit your needs.
  • Due to the connection of your system with other systems, we use interfaces to make it an integrated system if necessary.
  • We create optimal solutions for the most suitable analog or digital public address systems and configure the system according to the power requirement.
  • In large projects consisting of several areas, we build integrated systems that can be connected to a network or managed over a LAN.
  • We can offer self-monitoring and automatic locking systems.