Input-output access control systems


Access Control

Establishment of access control in parking lots and parking lots


The parking access control system ensures that drivers do not waste their time and fuel in the parking lot. Directional arrows, screens indicating empty parking spaces, and red and green parking lights are installed at each parking space. These signs and lights are a smart parking system that directs the driver until he reaches the parking lot. Provides space for drivers in the parking lot and directs the movement of vehicles within the facility. The system we offer minimizes the time to find a parking space, provides a stress-free and pleasant parking, reduces fuel consumption and time loss, prevents congestion in the area.

Sale and Installation of intercoms


Intercom systems are widely used in both apartments and business centers. The intercom system has many advantages. Protection from outsiders, security of your apartment with visual and sound features, remote control with IP technology, etc. If we look at all this, we can see that the installation of intercoms is a complex task that requires a serious approach.

We have been selling and installing intercoms in Azerbaijan for many years. Based on our years of experience, we have implemented successful projects for many corporate and individual clients. Once you decide to become our client, our engineers will listen to your requirements and help you choose the right intercom system for you.

Establishment of checkpoints at the crossing

 access control 

Healthy control of employee and visitor traffic, restriction of access to certain areas of the workplace, recognition of criteria for determining the suitability of people for entry, are part of security in access control systems. Access control systems play a major role, especially for human resources. With the systems we have set up, the human resources units of the organizations can immediately prepare the entry and exit cards of the employees. Thanks to the integration into the PDKS system, it can easily track the input and output times of elements. Salary schedules can be organized with the latest information and efficiently.

Turnstile systems are devices used for access control and security purposes. In general, 4 different types are preferred. These are tripod turnstiles, glass turnstiles, disabled (VIP) turnstiles and height turnstiles. We offer world-famous models that meet the needs and desires of our customers with quality and low prices. We can integrate fingerprint recognition device, biometric face recognition device and card reader, etc. to provide access control to our turnstile systems.

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