Perimeter security systems


perimeter security systems

Fence wire detection systems

As privacy and security remain a major issue for public and private organizations, it is now more convenient to protect facilities, detect and prevent potential attacks. MST LLC sells and installs fence detection systems. To help customers in the private and public sectors keep their property safe at all times, we offer a fence fence detection system with world-renowned brands.

Accuracy and reliability make our smart sensors an ideal solution for individuals and organizations that require maximum security and privacy. Live comfortably and safely by installing a fence detection system on your property. After sales and installation, we will provide the technical support and guarantee you need.

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Detection by underground cable

The configuration of MST embedded sensors is simple, and system settings can be tailored to individual site requirements. Patented Sensitivity Level ™ calibrates the sensor to compensate for unprecedented changes in ground composition or field conditions - resulting in uniform detection throughout the protected area. Software-controlled Free Format Zoning allows users to define any area in the cable area, and detect surface movement.

Perimeter buried cable detection systems provide reliable protection for applications where the protection of the hidden environment is important. These voluminous smart sensors have unparalleled features and unique detection capabilities, including the exact location of walking, running or crawling within 3 meters (10 feet) of intrusion.

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Microwave ambient sensors

MST LLC understands that it is prone to security breaches, and for this reason we offer the most reliable detection systems on the market. Among our best-selling products is an advanced microwave motion sensor. By installing this innovative security system, you can detect unusual or suspicious activities around your business.

Spies and intruders will do anything to approach or gain access from security-sensitive areas. They will try to find a way to avoid security cameras and go unnoticed. The microwave motion detector will be your first line of defense. Someone will alert you when they try to enter the perimeter or detection zone you have set up. This is a discreet way to prevent an attack or intrusion.

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